Un mic preview pentru martisoare quilling :)

Ghiocei care nu se ofilesc niciodata

Primele martisoare sunt gata: flori de primavara albastre si ghiocei din hartie, realizati in tehnica quilling, pe suport din hartie.

Update: intre timp am terminat cu pregatirile si iata ce a iesit. Da click aici pentru oferta de martisoare quilling 2013

We've prepared this time lots of new stuff, remember this is just a preview, and we've got so many more exciting things coming up. However we loved so much our quilling snowbuds, tulips and blue bells it was hard not to show them off:)

Update: in the meantime we've finished the prep work and we're ready to show you what we've made. Click here for the full list.

Lalele colorate

Martisoare quilling alb cu rosu


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  1. Very pretty. Please disable the requirement to prove the commenter is not a robot as it may be discouraging people form commenting on your excellent work. You have to do it through your settings.

  2. Hi Christine, had no idea it would be bothersome. Made some changes in settings, hope this is fine:)


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