Jucarii / Toys - Introducing PUIU - Episode 1

 Meet PUIU...

His story begins somewhere in the mountains, in a forest of magic that is seldom visited by humans. We found PUIU when he didn't have any colors, feathers or even a purpose in life. He was just lying near a rocky road, left behind by those that took away his family.

Yes, the truth is PUIU is a piece of wood, but not just any kind of wood. His father was a tall, proud fir tree that grew up alongside his brothers. That is until humans felt the urge to cut them down for fire wood, house timber and so on.

We're still teaching PUIU the manners and the ins&out of living with humans. In so doing, we will keep a record of his passing through his life at Circul Magic. Stay tuned for more stories about PUIU and pics from his trips.
 First days PUIU spent with Circul Magic he tried to figure things out. His life has changed dramatically and he's entered a world he has never seen before. So it only made sense he was going to explore. First things he looked at were Circul Magic's magic teas and spices, deco and flowers.
 After we caught him red handed as he broke a glass, he freaked out and tried to make a run for it. As we eventually patched things up and had a small talk we all chilled out in the spring sun.


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