Mandala Stickers - Prima Serie

Stickere pe hartie autocolanta cu mandale colorate, one-of-a-kind, desenate digital.

A4 - 20 ron
A5 - 10 ron

(Chart cu dimensiuni mai jos)

Prima Serie:

After Work, Peaceful, Creative, Chillin' Time. Chosen Colors are Shades Of Blue, The Sky And The Sea, Joyful, Divine And Calming.

Mandalas, whether you draw them for spiritual matters or just for chilling, are so amazing. Each mandala is a journey to the inner self, it's a story of every possible shape and color, existing in pure harmony. A mandala's symmetry is possibly the most fascinating thing, as you come to think about it, a mandala dwells in pretty much any being, plant or star. Mandala drawing is a process that involves your whole being, your spiritual self, your creative part. When drawing mandalas you are actually creating a whole new story of the universe.


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